Motocross 2.0

"I've more progressed in a month than in a year ! "


Get ready for the end of the confinement and...

 Impress your friends, improve your skills & take more pleasure ! 

Motocross 2.0 program :

  • More than 10 hours of videos
  • Learn the right reflexes 
  • Adopt good habits 
  • Ride correctly and safely
  • Take confidence and speed
  • Think differently
  • Access to Motocross Academy 
  • Mail support 24/7
  • Life access + update 



  Throughout my trips around the world, I got to see something: There is many different cultures and lifestyles, but motocross issues were the same.  

  Same passion with the same issues !

  Do you have any of these problems ?

· Armpump

· Stagnation of your level

· Not fast enough

· Lack of confidence

·  Lack of knowledge

· Lack of techniques

· You don’t understand why and how

· Fear of jumps

· Stiff on your bike

· Wasting time in turns

  "If you are not taking care of your riding style, one day or another you will have the same reflexion as I had when I was recovering from surgery."

~ Who am I ? ~

  "My name is Victor Levergne, I am 24 and I have now 15 years of experience in motocross. Be aware, let me tell you, it hasn’t always been easy for me. I have spent thousands of hours on a bike, falling, getting back up, restarting, failing and getting better. But you know what? I learned, and I am still learning more every day. I was lucky enough to be coached by the best riders, and that is what allowed me to compete in motocross races over 5 different countries.



After competing  in France, I became the 2018 Taiwan champion, and I got invited to China to race one race of the Chinese national championship. Then I went over New Zealand to ride with some of the best riders. 

In May 2019, I went two weeks in the USA, in California to train with the best trainer, Yannig Karvella, It was incredible to ride, once again, with the best young team. I was training with the African Champion, the best young rider of USA, the Japanese Jo Shimoda and many more incoming famous riders. 

After a year of training and racing abroad, seeing and riding in over 5 different countries, I understood the need of people : They need to be coached in order to improve their skills.

   I have good news for you   

The solution is to learn; I am realising that everyone goes to school to learn how to speak. 

But have you been to school to learn how to ride a motocross? 

Unfortunately no. And as the children went to school to learn how to speak, you should go to school to learn how to ride.

 And this is when I come into play. 

This complete program on motorcross will allow you to learn everything you need to know  to ride the way you want to. 

Imagine being able to jump any kind of jumps, take any corners, tackle every rut with the right angle, or even set your bike. In this program you will learn it all."

               Victor LEVERGNE

Motocross racer &

Creator of "Motocross 2.0"

  Motocross 2.0



Absolutely perfect for those who have never or rarely ride motocross, it contains steps that will guide you step by step and will accompany you to official motocross track !  

  • Which motorcycle suits you best according to your age and weight.
  • Good positioning habits to adopt on the bike
  • How to shift gears correctly 
  • Basic workouts that will help you start accelerating and braking
  • The mistakes to avoid when riding with other drivers on tracks
  • And more tips to start safely the motocross


Braking makes the difference between pilots, learn how to brake effectively!

  • How to use your 3 brakes as best as possible (The front brake, the rear brake, the engine brake) 
  • The right positions for an effective braking
  • How to lower the braking bumps feelings? 
  • When to downgrade gears? 
  • How to use well the clutch? 
  • How not to slide along while braking? 
  • How to brake while leaning?
  • How to use the suspensions to control energy and to better brake  
  • You will learn the techniques to control your braking limits 


 Learn how to control your acceleration in order to control your self confidence

  • The right positions to maximize standing and sitting acceleration. 
  •  How to absorb the irregularities of the ground with your motorcycle? 
  • How to use your legs to reduce your arm-pump
  • How to keep your rear wheel on the ground for a better traction ?
  • The secret of shifting gears on the go to not lose any time 
  • And more advices to get an effective acceleration and save a lot of time


Braking makes the difference between pilots, learn how to brake effectively!

  • How to lean before taking the turn
  • When do you have to stand and when do you have to sit? 
  •  Techniques to understand where to sit in a berm turn 
  • The technique of taking the berm turn using the clutch or not 
  • How to swing in a berm turn to exit faster 
  • Many others tricks to perfom and gain time


 A very essential step to know in order to no longer be afraid when taking a rut corner!

  • The 5 steps to pass a perfect rut explained in detail 
  • How long you have to stand up before sitting at the apex 
  • How to use your legs to reduce your arm-pump
  • How to use your leg in the ruts 
  • Where to look to get the best balance
  • How to stay inside the rut and how to get the right angle
  • How to the exit the rut faster
  • Know when to sit down to succeed every single rut you take? 


 How to no longer avoid losing time in a flat corner?

  • The indispensable steps of a flat corner  
  • How to control your acceleration?
  • How getting off-center to give angle to the bike ? 
  • How to weight your outside footrest to have a better grip?
  • The tips for passing on a flat corners


  Jumping result from confidence. It's all about time and training, get the right method straight up and flying !

  •  What jumps do you have to start with to gain confidence 
  • How to make the jumps that scare you ? 
  • The standing load up 
  • The sitting load up  
  • Understand the reactions of the bike to control it better  
  • How to do if the bike dives on the front?
  • What to do if the bike goes back? 
  • How to extend in the jump ?
  • Avoid racket blows in the call
  • How to land if you are short?  
  • You'll know everything you need to jump safely and confidently


  How to land flat like a pro?

  • How to land on flat ground ? (There is always a flat jump in a track)
  • Techniques to cushion the reception.
  • Is it better to cushion the jump or to jump as far as possible?
  • How to land flat before a turn?
  • The tips for passing on a flat corners.
  • More tips to sharpen your techniques.


The scrub is the most technical movement in motocross, are you ready to gain few seconds?

  • How to go lower in order to land faster and save time
  • The straight scrub (first step of the scrub)
  • The leaning scrub
  • Being faster on jumps to scrub it
  • When to stop accelerating?
  • How to cushion the jump?
  • The advantage of scrubbing the jump
  • How to slide your wheels along in the ramp?
  • The essential step to bring back the bike
  • Pro techniques: how to brake on the ramp?


The whip is the basic motocross tricks, learn how to start whipping and improve your riding style !

  • How to feel more and more confident
  • How to whip? Easy question hard answer !
  • How to lean on the ramp?
  • The essential step to bring back the bike
  •  How to get the flow of it
  • Many advies to get to train your whip


In competition, 50% of the race is done on the beginning departure, so do not miss it!

  • Feel more confident on a prepared starting grid.
  • Which place on the grid should you take ?
  • How to prepare your grid.
  • Which position to adopt?
  • More tips to sharpen your techniques.
  • How to release the clutch to make a successful start.
  • Understanding your mistakes is the best way to improve.


The best to know of enduro, a resume of the most important point to go everywhere 

  • Anticipate the best trajectories with your eyes
  •  How to go up and down any hill?
  •  How to reboot while climbing if you fall?
  • How to pass tree trunks?
  • How to jump down steps  
  • Learn to be smooth
  • Enduro techniques to feel more comfortable! 


How to maintain your bike after every motocross session?

  • How to wash your bike without damaging it?
  • Which products to use for maintenance?
  • How to stretch your chain?
  •  When to change your chain kit?
  • How to change your filter? It is the lung of your bike!
  • How to reduce the pressure of his front suspensions to reduce armpump
  •  Good habits to have a great bike that is always ready for other journeys 


 How to prepare your bike to be more comfortable ?

  • How to choose the gear ratio of the rear crown?
  • How to choose and adjust your handlebar?
  • How to adjust levers, selectors and brake pedal?
  • Never break your levers again
  • How to adjust your front and rear suspensions  according to the track soil. Pro settings secrets released!
  • Adjusting the preload at your weight
  • Know what pressure to put in your tires depending on the weather
  • Tips to customize your bike and feel comfortable on it 


You will be aware of the good nutritional and sporting habits to ride longer.

  • Make a sport program despite your busy schedule
  • Improve your physical and mental stamina to stay longer on the bike
  • Have constructive bodybuilding sessions with good advice
  • Know the muscles to work out for a better impact
  • Know what you need to eat for meaningful results
  • How to release the clutch to make a successful start.
  • Understanding your mistakes is the best way to improve.
  •  Know the absorption of sugar from food in your body
  • Food to promote for training or competition

Motocross Academy

Get access to Motocross Academy, it's a Facebook group in which we are going to exchange and progress together. I'm posting commented videos of riders that I'm coaching, telling you positive and negative point in order to make you help you. It's a perfect group to get a level up in motocross.


"He has created his own training program and I invite you to follow him"

Marvin musquin #25

World champion 







  For who is this program ? 


I prefer to make things clear to save everyone’s time. I will frankly ask you NOT to invest in this training if :

 •  You will not spend a minimum of 5 hours a week for this passion

 •  You think that you will become a champion just by buying this training and without making any daily effort

 •  You prefer your usual hell instead of adopting good driving habits 

 •  Or if you have a girlfriend! I’m sure I got you. That last point was a joke! 

  The training is made for everyone who wants to improve their skills, there is advices for all levels, every module are made to remind you or to teach you the right steps and habits. Only professional won’t need this training program.

Bonus #1

How to buy your bike ?

A special module to help you to choose the right bike. Research on internet, what to ask, what to check and what to test !

  • Internet reshearch
  • What to check in the reality?
  • Get your bike and start to ride !

Bonus #2 

A phone call 

My goal is to make sure you are going to improve your skills.

This is why we are going to call each other to plan your success in motocross.

We will work on what you are struggling in order to make plan of techniques to apply and get the flow of it.

The facebook group will as well be in support at any time.

See you soon :)

  Your special price  

  Only 57 $ 

instead of 480$ 

Immediate access

57 $

🎥 10 hours of training


🔓All of the techniques



📩 VIP Support 24/7


🤝Motocross Academy


📂Life-time access


⭐Bonus Module


 You got two choices  

 To sum it up, today there are two choices for you. 

 •  Don't take the program and risk of no longer doing motocross because of an injury due to the lack of control of your motorcycle

 • So, stop sabotaging success! Remember we only live once, and you my friends deserve the very best.


 • Follow the program and be able to progress with confidence to take more pleasure surpass your competitors

• The course I’m providing will empower you to live the exact life you dream about on the field… and I’ll be holding your hand every single step of the way mastering Motocross. Literally dragging you to success


  Imagine that you can ride longer without getting tired 

  Imagine that you can beat all your friends by learning new tricks  

  Imagine that you live the true passion while doing the mechanics correctly  

 Imagine that you are having fun by taking full control of your bike

Just imagine that you are taking levels very quickly and surpassing yourself 

Are you ready ?😈

I believe in the quality of the program, I will 100% refund you if you are not happy with it within 30 days.

Any questions ?

"In how much time should I hope for results?"

  Straight away, if you focus on changing on your bad habit and learn good ones you will notice instant improvements. 

Your movements will be more fluid and organic, your riding will be more stylish and cleaner. No need to try to go too fast. Focus on your techniques first, and to do so, you have to learn them.

  "Maybe I will have a hard time applying those techniques, what do I do then?"

It’s is obvious you are going to have a hard time, Motocross is mainly technique! And it is by going through those hardship that you will ease into it! And don’t worry, you are not alone, I will be there each step of the way. If you do things cleverly you will surely see improvements. I also comment on videos that you send me on various groups to help as much as I can !

"How does the guaranty work?"

It’s super easy, for 30 days you can view everything, listen to everything, try everything, follow everything. 

If 30 days after you feel that it did not help you, you will be refunded. 

To get refunded send me a clear email stating whatever reasons made you unsatisfied with the product and I will refund you.  

"Are my card details safe?"

It’s a very common question and the answer is obviously yes!

On our website we use the safest security system on the market with a SSL key through Paypal and Stripe. Sprite is another leader of online payment with Paypal. 

" If your goal is to help people why are you charging people?" 

It’s simple, people put more value in things they payed for. And they don’t when they didn’t invest in it. 

By asking for this investment, people will say “Ok, now that I have invested in that I need to make the most out of it.”

So you really need to watch the video, listen to the advice, take notes and apply them. 

Even if you apply 1% of what the videos teaches you, you will already profit from it.

And along with that, you will allow me to make a living of this passion, and to develop the channel. I do my best to give it back to you !

" And what if I don’t have time?"

It’s a relevant question to me.

What you should know is that I also went through this lack of time, but training without any technique made me lose even more time.

I created this program to help you go from long unsuccessful riding hours to intelligent riding. 

If you don’t have time to train as much as you want to, secure this offer when the price is low and come back to it when you do got time. It’s always good to learn.

There you go, if you are still listening, what remains to do is to take a deep breath and click on the button bellow.